Veterinary Science and Profession 2023

Avian and reptilian hematology and cytology of inflammation

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Availability: 11 in stock


4 hours



Practical Hall, Department of pathophysiology



Helene Pendl (Pendl Lab, Switzerland), DVM


Short description

Participants will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in:

  • differentiation of blood cells of birds and reptiles
  • determination of basic hematological parameters with special emphasis on the differential blood count of birds and reptiles
  • recognition of quantitative and morphological changes of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets during various pathological processes in birds and reptiles
  • identifying cells that are present in the blood and tissues of birds and reptiles during inflammatory processes
  • interpretations of the complete blood count of birds and reptiles
  • participants will work on preprepared samples of true cases of infectious and non infectious diseases from daily practice. Most of the samples will contain the diagnostic agent (i.e. viral inclusion bodies, bacteria, amyloid etc….)


Number of attendants

minimum 10, maximum 15



200 € (VAT included)


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