Veterinary Science and Profession 2023


6/10/2023 FRIDAY – DAY 2
08.00 – 09.00
Registration (Main building)


9.00 – 9.40
Invited lecture: BENIAMINO TERZO CENCI GOGA: The importance of preslaughter procedures on the quality and safety of the meat
9.40 – 9.55
Potential of microencapsulation in cheese production – development of innovative technology in dairy science (M. Kiš, F. Oštarić, N. Mikulec, S. Kazazić, V. Dobranić, M. Vinceković, V. Čubrić Čurik, N. Zdolec)
9.55 – 10.10
Development of new hard cheeses supplemented with Dalmatian medicinal and aromatic herbs: preliminary results of the ERDF project Center of competence 3LJ (N. Zdolec, M. Kiš, M. Franičević, I. Kavain, J. Batinić, M. Zadravec, J. Pleadin, D. Čobanov)
10.10 – 11.00
Coffee break
11.00 – 11.40
Invited lecture: LUCIJA JURISIC: Towards the future: the role of veterinarians in the detection, characterization and control of zoonotic pathogens
11.40 – 11.55
Multistakeholder’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices on poultry zoonoses in the provinces of Leyte and southern Leyte, Philippines (A. M. M. Quilicot, D. G. E. Medallo)
11.55 – 12.10
Bhanja Bandavirus: a neglected arbovirus of zoonotic importance in Croatia (M. Bogdanić, V. Stevanović, V. Savić, S. Kovač, S. Krčmar, G. Miletić, D. Sabadi, M. Santini, T. Potočnik-Hunjadi, M. Al-Mufleh, Lj. Barbić, I. Ćorić, T. Vilibić-Čavlek)
12.10 – 12.25
Seroprevalence and clinical signs of sars-cov-2 viral infection in dogs and cats in Croatia (G. Miletić, S. Kovač, I. Ćorić, Lj. Barbić, I. Benvin, T. Vilibić-Čavlek, M: Maurić Maljković, V. Stevanović)
13.00 – 14.00
Lunch, Poster session (Students Hall)
18.00 – 18.20
Awards Ceremony and Closing (Great Hall)