Veterinary Science and Profession 2023

Prof. Bojan Hamer


After graduating in sanitary engineering and biology from the University of Zagreb, he completed his master’s degree at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. Subsequently, he obtained his PhD on the stress protein HSP70 in bivalves. His main areas of interest and expertise include research on environmental pollution, genotoxicity, biomarkers and bioassays, ecological risk assessment, proteomics, and applied genetics and biology. He is currently working on assessing the impact of microplastics and the use of bivalves as a basis for monitoring and bioremediation of microplastic pollution and the generation of valuable biomass (e.g., mussel meal) that can be reused as an animal feed supplement (MuMiFaST fish trial project on the sea bream Sparus aurata). He is also working on the development of sensors and devices to monitor the behaviour and filtration of mussels in the laboratory and in the field.

gsm: +385 91 501 2660